Sound advice for buyers.

The importance of a professional Condominium Document Review.

Purchasing a condominium is more than buying a home (or an investment), just as selling a condominium is more than packing boxes.

Condominium corporations are non profit organizations that can be held legally/financially responsible for various liabilities, With that said, of the over 8,000 condominium corporations throughout Alberta, most run smoothly and efficiently due to the care and diligence of their ownerships, Property Managers and Boards of Directors. Your contributions, set according to unit factors, not only provide for day to day maintenance but also for future repairs and replacements. Reserve funds, by-laws, financial statements, budgets, insurance, lease agreements and management statements (to name a few) all have a direct bearing on a home or investment now and in future.

Buyer's benefit by having these disclosure documents made accessible and reviewed by qualified persons, in order to understand their meaning and relevance.

CondoQuest's review experience and insight will work to create an easily readable synopsis of the health of both the physical and financial aspects of the condominium you might be looking at right now.

Confidence is in the details!