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Our Service

CondoQuest will compile your report within three business days from the moment all documents are received. Office hours are Mon-Sat and we are available by phone from 10A- 8P every day. More pressing timelines can be accommodated if agreed to by CondoQuest office management. A complete Condo Health Checklist is sent to all parties concerned (immediately upon retaining CondoQuest for the purpose of a review) eliminating confusion and emphasizing our need for the most recent statements, reports and agreements available and will keep you informed at all stages. CondoQuest does not offer advice on buying or selling, market trends or valuation, leaving this in the capable and knowledgeable hands of your Real Estate professional.

Our analyst will thoroughly review each document, look for significant issues and present an easily read and understood report (which includes hard copies all documents received), in a personalized binder with individual documents sectioned. We are also able to provide this report, documents included, on flash drive or CD.

Cost per review is $435.00, plus 5% G.S.T (for a total of $456.75). Payment can be made by cheque/money order by mail, by e-transfer or by credit card through our business account at the secured PayPal website.